Gotta go fast Release: https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/picoCTF%202021/Download%20Horsepower/Download%20Horsepower.zip Environment Setting V8 commit hash: 506aeae95dd03c734e43f30ffc2a939e5bbb79bf Analysis diff --git a/src/init/bootstrapper.cc b/src/init/bootstrapper.cc index ce3886e87e..6621a79618 100644 --- a/src/init/bootstrapper.cc +++ b/src/init/bootstrapper.cc @@ -1754,6 +1754,8 @@ ..
Start your engines!! Release: https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/picoCTF%202021/Kit%20Engine/Kit%20Engine.zip Environment Setting V8 commit hash: 506aeae95dd03c734e43f30ffc2a939e5bbb79bf Analysis /* src/d8/d8.cc */ Local Shell::CreateGlobalTemplate(Isolate* isolate) { Local global_template = ObjectTemplate::New(isolate); // Add challenge builtin, and remove some unintented solutions global..
literally 1984. note: you should read the design doc of The Cage and its code; try to understand how it works, since it'll be hard to solve this challenge by just jit monkeying. Release: https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/DiceCTF%202022/memory%20hole/1984.tar.gz Environment Setting V8 commit hash: 277fdd1de7110a889f6fd4c2da2ddfdf2f28416f GN arguments (for debugging): v8_no_inline=true v8_o..
https://ctf2022.hitcon.org/dashboard/#14 Release: https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/HITCON%20CTF%202022/Fourchain%20-%20Hole/hole.7z Environment Setting * Based on git commit hash: 63cb7fb817e60e5633fb622baf18c59da7a0a682 * args.gn: dcheck_always_on = false is_debug = false target_cpu = "x64" v8_enable_sandbox = true * It is recommended that you solve this challenge on a Debian Linux 11.5..
Just your average, easy browser pwn! Release: https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/corCTF%202021/Outfoxed/Outfoxed.zip Environment Setting OS: Ubuntu 20.04 (WSL) # get challenge file cd ~ mkdir Outfoxed cd Outfoxed wget 'https://github.com/h0meb0dy/CTF/raw/main/corCTF 2021/Outfoxed/Outfoxed.zip' unzip Outfoxed.zip rm Outfoxed.zip # install mercurial python3 -m pip install --user mercurial ex..
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